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General procedures for guéridon Service Guéridon service is essentially a chef and commis service.  There must therefore be complete liaison and teamwork between them and the other members of the team. Always push the guéridon, never pull it.  This helps to control and steer the guéridon in the right direction and avoid accidents. The guéridon …


Flare Lamps These are essential items of equipment for guéridon service and are used in cooking and flambéing dishes.  Care and maintenance of the flare lamp is very important to maximise the life and minimise the possibility of accidents. There are many types of flare lamps used today. Below you will find interactive illustrations that …

Care and Maintenance

It is the visual display of preparing food at the table that is attractive to many customers.  Therefore it is very important that good hygiene and safety standards are practised.  This is achieved through planning and organisation. Hygiene and appearance of staff should be of the highest standards. All equipment should be spotless, clean and …

Cleaning Equipment

There are many methods of cleaning metal to a high shine. The most popular are chemical cleaners such as Peek polish although for copper based items a mixture or salt, lemon juice and a little vinegar is generally sufficient. All suzette pans, lamps and trolleys should be cleaned by hand every day. How to polish …

Identifying Flare Lamps

It is important from a health and safety point of view to ensure that your flare lamps are in good working order.  To ensure this, they must be assembled correctly.  Below is an interactive demo identifying the individual parts of both the gas and methylated spirit flare lamps. Methylated Spirit Flare Lamp Gas Flare Lamp 

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