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Care and Maintenance

It is the visual display of preparing food at the table that is attractive to many customers.  Therefore it is very important that good hygiene and safety standards are practised.  This is achieved through planning and organisation.

  • Hygiene and appearance of staff should be of the highest standards.
  • All equipment should be spotless, clean and polished daily.
  • Food should not be handled with bare hands.
  • Trolleys should be wiped between each use.
  • The hotplate or lamp should never be placed outside of the trolleys legs.
  • The trolley should not be positioned close to or near soft furnishings.
  • Spirits should never be left near heated trolleys or naked flames.
  • Spirits should be handled carefully when flaming dishes.
  • The trolley should not be moved around the restaurant with food and equipment on it.
  • Lamps should be checked on a daily basis to ensure they are in good working order.

For more information on how to clean the equipment click here.

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