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Cafe Latté

The cafe latté is one of the most popular coffee drinks sold all over the world.  It is generally weaker than its cousin the cappuccino.  A latté generally has only a one ounce shot of coffee to seven to twelve ounces of steamed milk.

The latté is often compared to the martini of the bar world as everyone tends to have their own favourite flavour.  The basic latté still uses the base ingredients of the espresso and steamed milk.   The steamed milk should be prepared the same way as preparing a cappuccino however it should be left to settle for about twenty seconds before pouring.  This allows the hot milk to separate from the foam.  When preparing a latté in a restaurant, it’s often layered so that you have the milk at the bottom, the espresso in the middle and the foam at the top.  This is achieved by gently pouring the espresso over the back of a teaspoon on top of the hot milk.  The drink is then finished with a spoon of milky foam.

Additional ingredients are often added to the latté complementing its flavour.  Chocolate, cinnamon and nutmeg are sometimes sprinkled on top.  Flavoured syrups may also be added to the latté to give the drink an additional quality.  Caramel, vanilla and almond are just a few of the many flavoured syrups available on the market.

The video below shows how to prepare a cafe latté.

Preparing a Cafe Latté

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