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The classical Italian cappuccino is generally one of the stronger espresso based drinks.  Traditionally, the cappuccino was only served in the morning time and never drunk in the afternoon and evening, as has become the norm in modern society.  When making the cappuccino the espresso is always brewed into the cup and then topped with the steamed milk.   The cup is generally wider at the top to allow the foam to cover more of the espresso, this allows the drinker to sip both the froth and the espresso together.  Its best to drink the cappuccino immediately after its been prepared to prevent layering.  When prepared in the wide rimmed cup, the crema should be visible on the edges.

The foam used to make a cappuccino should be rich, textured and have a silky shine to it.  It should never be dry or overly airy.  Getting this consistency is not easy.  Check out the steaming milk section for more information on how to get the perfect steamed milk.

The video below will show you how to prepare the perfect cappuccino.

Preparing a Cappuccino

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