Basic Service

Michel Roux Jr described customer service in UK restaurant as surly, slapdash and dreadful.  He also said that “great restaurants need great front of house” and in my view its all about getting the basics right.

Basic service is so important in today’s restaurants.  Guests expect to be acknowledged, spoken to politely and taken care of when they dine out in restaurant. This goes for restaurants across the board and not just fine dinning establishments.

So what is basic service?  Its about getting the big things right. Ensuring your guests are welcomed in a timely manner when they arrive at your establishment. That they receive attentive service from the waiter.  Service should never be too fast nor too slow, the guest should not feel rushed nor feel they are being neglected, its about getting it right.  You need to recognise the guest that wants the quick meal and those that want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

This section will deal with the sequence of service which covers the arrival of the guest right though to their departure.  Its is going to be split into three sub sections, initial service, serving the meal and final service.


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Maître d’hôtel – Duties

What is the Maître d’hôtel The Restaurant Manager/Supervisor can often be referred to as the Maître d’hôtel or Maître d’ for short.  They have the overall responsibility for the running and organisation of the restaurant.  They can also be responsible for the administration work in this area also.  The Maître d’ sets the standard for …

Setting Up

Setting up and preparing for service correctly is crucial for a successful  service to your guests in the restaurant.  This preparation is often called “mise en place” or a place for everything.  It ensures that all items needed for service are available and in easy reach of the waiters in the restaurant.  The Maître d’ …

Initial Service

This section covers the service the customer receives at the beginning of the meal. The Welcome Welcoming your guests in a timely manner is very important.  Normally the guests are welcomed by the host or the Maitre d’.  Always make eye contact as soon as possible and smile, this lets the guest know that you …

Food Service

Once the waiter has taken the guests order and adjusted the cutlery for the up coming courses the service of the meal can commence. If wine is being served this should happen before any food is served to the customers. Food Service Before collecting the food from the kitchen, it is important to refresh your …

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