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Brewing Coffee

Brewing coffee is one of the most important steps in making and serving coffee.  If you brew the coffee incorrectly it is going to affect the taste and flavour.  Read more on brewing coffee….

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Purchasing Coffee

When purchasing coffee it’s important to keep in mind how the coffee is going to be used.  This refers to the brewing process the coffee will undergo.  The different ways of buying coffee are outlined below. Bulk – This can either be as beans or in vacuum sealed packs of pre-ground coffee.  This is the …

The Grind and Storing

Grinding Coffee Roasted coffee must be ground before it can be used to brew coffee.  Coffee is ground to different grades of fineness.  This allows the coffee to be used in many different brewing methods.  Some of the more popular degrees of grinding are outlined below. Brewing method Grinding grade Cafetiere Medium Espresso Very fine …


Brewing Coffee Methods

There are many different methods of brewing coffee from instant coffee in a cup to bulk brewing for large events.  Depending on the method being used, the grind of the bean will differ.  Coffee beans should not be ground until they are required, this will help keep the coffees strength and flavour. Coffee will lose …

7 Step Espresso

The 7 step Espresso is produced using a Barista Coffee machine.  These machines were first used in Italy and can produce individual cups of coffee in a matter of seconds. The method involves passing water through fine grains of coffee under pressure.  This extracts intense flavour and aromas from the coffee.  Served black, the coffee …

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