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Cleaning Equipment

There are many methods of cleaning metal to a high shine. The most popular are chemical cleaners such as Peek polish althoughCan of Polish for copper based items a mixture or salt, lemon juice and a little vinegar is generally sufficient. All suzette pans, lamps and trolleys should be cleaned by hand every day.

How to polish service equipment

Equipment required

  • 2 cloths (1 for applying polish and 1 for shining)
  • Gloves to protect hands
  • Apron to protect cloths
  • PEEK polish


  1. Put on the apron and gloves.
  2. Apply a very small amount of polish to the cloth you are going to use for polishing.
  3. Work the polish into the area of the pan you are cleaning.  A small amount of polish will cover a wide area of the pan. You will notice the polish turns black.  This is the dirt coming off the pan.
  4. Once you have worked the polish into the entire pan, use thesecond cloth to bring the pan to a high shine.  The entire Cloth turning back from polishpan should be polished, including the handle.
  5. To finish, with a clean cloth wipe out the inside of the pan.  This should be free from all polish as this is where the food will be cooked.

Suzette pans should never be washed in a commercial dishwasher.



Pan half CleanAll trolleys should be cleaned using warm water after every use.  Ensure the area around the flare lamp is free from caramelised sugar.




fully polished pan









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