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Guéridon Service

Guéridon service is a specialised form of table service normally found in establishments that serve an à la carte menu and offer a higher style of service to its guests.  It is more costly as it requires the waiter to have a higher level of skill and uses more expensive equipment.  It also requires larger service areas so that the trolley can be moved around easily.

A guéridon is normally a movable table, or trolley, from which food may be served.

Guéridon service usually indicates that food is served onto the guests plate at the guéridon, however it also includes service using drinks trolleys, cheese trolleys and carving trolleys.

Flambage is a form of guéridon service.  It relates to food that is prepared and finished or cooked in the restaurant, which are also flambéed.  This website is going to look closer at this type of service, the equipment used and some of the desserts that are prepared in this manner.

A selection of interactive pictures and videos will allow you to getter a closer understanding of this type of service.


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