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General procedures for guéridon Service

  • Guéridon service is essentially a chef and commis service.  There must therefore be complete liaison and teamwork between them and the other members of the team.
  • Always push the guéridon, never pull it.  This helps to control and steer the guéridon in the right direction and avoid accidents.
  • The guéridon should be kept in one position for the service of the complete course and not moved from customer to customer.
  • Guéridon service requires that the service spoon and fork are used in separate hands. This gives more control and makes the service quicker.
  • The dish must be presented to the customer or announced prior to carrying out the service.
  • When transferring foods and liquids from the service flats and dishes to the plates, always run the fork along the underside of the spoon to avoid drips marking the plate.
  • The commis waiter must always keep the guéridon clear of dirty items and deliver hot plates when required.

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