Tea & Coffee

Tea and coffee are an important part of any guests meal experience.  Its extremely important to get the service of this part of the meal correct as its one of the final interactions, other than payment of the bill, that the waiter has with their guest.  The sales of tea and coffee are also very important for the bottom line financials.  The drinks are relatively inexpensive to produce, however they can add substantially to a restaurants profits.

This section will look at the origins of tea and coffee as well as looking at how to prepare and service different types of tea and coffee drinks.

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Coffee It has been noted that coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia.   A goat herder saw his  goats cavorting in a field and noticed that they were acting the “goat”.  On further investigation he saw that they had eaten the fruit of small tree.  He decided to taste the fruit himself.  He found the …

Brewing Coffee

Brewing coffee is one of the most important steps in making and serving coffee.  If you brew the coffee incorrectly it is going to affect the taste and flavour.  Read more on brewing coffee….

Espresso with Crema

The Espresso and more

Of all the ways to brew coffee, the espresso method is the most demanding and most dependant on the skill of the brewer or the Barista.  A Barista is the person that operated the espresso machine.  In most other brewing methods the grind of the coffee, the temperature of the water and the length of …

Coffee Recipes

Coffee is used in a variety of different ways, from its use in culinary cuisine to its infusion with alcohol in the creation of liqueurs to the specialised coffee used making different ingredients. Select the following links to learn more about the Irish coffee and other coffee drinks.

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