Training Material

In this section you have access to specific information about F&B 1 Restaurant Service Practical, Theory and Wine. Lecture notes will be posted here on a weekly basis and will be available to download.

To find out your continuous assessment results, select your class from the sub menu and enter the password given to you in class.  If you have any problems use the contact us link at the bottom of the page.


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Standard Operating Procedures

This section of the site will include links to standard operating procedures (SOP’s) for many every day tasks that are carried out in the restaurant.  For your convenience they have been broken into relevant sections.   Mise en Place/Setting-up Restaurant Glasswasher Setup – Open Polishing – Open Setting a table – Open Setting a side …

Training Videos

Here you will find a selection of additional training videos as well as all the videos available on this site all in one place.  For your convenience they have been listed below.  Most of the videos below have subtitles in english. Click the cc button to turn on or off the subtitles.  List of Videos …

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