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Purchasing Coffee

When purchasing coffee it’s important to keep in mind how the coffee is going to be used.  This refers to the brewing process the coffee will undergo.  The different ways of buying coffee are outlined below.

  • Bulk – This can either be as beans or in vacuum sealed packs of pre-ground coffee.  This is the most popular way of purchasing coffee for most restaurant and hotels.
  • Coffee Bags – These are heat-sealed (like tea bags) and come in a variety of sizes from one-cup to bulk brewing bags.
  • Instant – instant coffee granules are sold in individual sachets to catering sized jars.
  • Individual filters – These are pre portioned in vacuum packs.
  • Pods – These are becoming more popular in households with the advent of pod coffee machines. They are pre portioned pods, containing pre-ground coffee.  They can be used once to prepare a fresh coffee and then disposed of.

Most coffee houses will have their own blender and buy raw beans in bulk.  The blender must ensure that there is consistent quality and taste across a particular brand even though the quality of beans will differ from shipment to shipment.

Most brands of coffee sold in shops will have at least two different types of beans in a blend.  This will allow companies to keep consistency .

The raw bean that is imported must be roasted to release its flavour and aromas.  The degree of roasting will give different characteristics to individual coffees.

Degree of roasting

  • Light or pale roasting: only suitable for mild beans to preserve their delicate armoa.
  • Medium roasting: gives a stronger flavour. Used on coffees with a well-defined character.
  • Full roasting: popular in Latin countries. Creates a bitter flavour.
  • High roasted coffee: accentuates the strong bitter aspects of coffee, loses much of original flavour.

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