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The Grind and Storing

Grinding Coffee

Roasted coffee must be ground before it can be used to brew coffee.  Coffee is ground to different grades of fineness.  This allows the coffee to be used in many different brewing methods.  Some of the more popular degrees of grinding are outlined below.

Brewing method Grinding grade
Cafetiere Medium
Espresso Very fine
Filter/Drip Fine to medium
Jug Course
Percolator Medium
Trukish Pulverised
Vacuum Infusion Medium fine to fine

Storing Coffee

Coffee should be stored correctly to avoid losing flavour.  Some tips for storing coffee are outlined below

  • Store coffee in a well ventilated room
  • Keep coffee in a air tight container. This prevents the oils from evaporating from the beans causing loss of favour and strength
  • Keep coffee away from excess moisture
  • Do not store coffee near any strong smelling foods. Coffee will absorb their odours

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