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Wine Service

Service of Wine

The sommelier or wine waiter is generally responsible for the service on wines in a restaurant and should be able to recommend wines to customers.  The sommelier should have extensive wine knowledge of the wine list and be able to identify wines what will pair well with the dishes on the menu.

The order for wine should be taken immediately after the food order to ensure the most appropriate wine is served.

There are seven points that should be considered when serving wine:

  1. The sommelier should be able to describe the wine and its characteristics honestly.  Don’t make it up if you don’t know!
  2. Serve the wine before the food.  The customer orders wine the wine to accompany the food so it should be served before the food arrived so that it can be enjoyed with the meal.
  3. Ensure the wine is served at the correct temperature.  Wine should gradually reach its correct temperature – quick heating or cooling of wine should be avoided as it can damage the flavours of the wine.
  4. Always treat wine with respect and demonstrate a high level of technical skill when opening the wine.
  5. The neck of the bottle should never touch the rim of the glass when pouring.  It should be held over the rim of the glass is a steady manner.  When raising the glass after pouring, twist the bottle slightly to avoid any drips going on the table.  Any drops on the neck of the bottle should be wiped away using a wine cloth.
  6. Never over fill a glass.  Filling the glass to the correct level is important. The glass should be filled to the widest part of the glass or to two-thirds full, which ever is lesser.  This allows the customers to appreciate the wine and it also looks better.
  7. Unnecessary topping up should be avoided. This can be very annoying for customers and it does not lead to increased wine sales.

Temperatures for serving wine

  • Red wine – 15.5 – 18°C  – Younger red wines can be consumer at lower temperatures
  • White Wine  – 10 -12.5°C
  • Dessert wine and Sparkling wine – 4.5 – 10°C

Glasses for wine service

  • Champagne/Sparkling wine  – Flute or tulip shaped glass
  • White wine – Medium sized wine glass
  • Rose wine – Flute or medium sized wine glass
  • Red wine – Large wine glass

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