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Standard Operating Procedures

This section of the site will include links to standard operating procedures (SOP’s) for many every day tasks that are carried out in the restaurant.  For your convenience they have been broken into relevant sections.


Mise en Place/Setting-up Restaurant

Glasswasher Setup – Open Polishing – Open
Setting a table – Open Setting a side station – Open
Napkin Folding – Open Answering the Telephone – Open
Slicing Butter – Open Coffee Break Set up – Open

Basic Service

Sequence of Service – Open Taking an Order – Open
Restaurant Computer – Open  –  VIDEO Serving Tea and Coffee – Open
Coffee Machine Labelled – Open Barista Coffee Machine – Open

Advanced Service

Wine Service – Open Irish Coffee – Open
Crepe Suzette – Open Banana Flambe – Open

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  1. Is access to the SOPs restricted ? Why does it ask me to log in again ?

    1. The SOP’s are stored on a college server and as a result are restricted to registered students only. Sorry about that.

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