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Other Coffee Drinks

This section will focus on other coffee drinks both non-alcoholic and acloholic.

Non Alcoholic Coffee Drinks

Flavoured Latté

The flavoured latté is becoming more  popular across the globe with individual tastes being catered for.  Whether you want to add vanilla, caramel or mint the possibilities are endless.  Check out some of my favourites below.

The Basic One

Double Shot Espresso (single if you prefer a lighter coffee)

2 tablespoons of your favourite syrup

Fill it up with steamed milk

Some suggestions – Caramel, Peppermint, Vanilla, Almond, Hazelnut


Cafe Mocha

Double Shot Espresso (single if you prefer a lighter coffee)

2 tablespoons of chocolate sauce

Fill it up with steamed milk

For a great looking Mocha, add the chocolate sauce first. Gently add the steamed milk and finally add the espresso by pouring if over the back of a spoon.  This will give you 4 layered drink. Enjoy!!


Double Chocolate Latté

Double Shot Espresso

Hot Steamed Milk

2 Tablespoons drinking chocolate (Cadburys is good)

2 Tablespoons dark chocolate syrup

First make your espresso, add your drinking chocolate and smooth into a paste. Add the hot steamed milk and stir in the dark chocolate syrup.  Top off with a spoon of foam and sprinkle with chocolate shavings (crumbled Cadbury flake is tasty)  ENJOY


Alcoholic Coffee Drinks

Alcohol and coffee have been mixed together for a long time creating some great signature drinks. We have already looked at the Irish Coffee so why not discover what else is out there.  Follow the same method as preparing an Irish Coffee and substitute the whiskey for your favourite spirit or liqueur.

Cafe Royale/Cafe Parisienne Brandy
Monks Coffee Benedictine
Russian Coffee Vodka
Seville Coffee Cointreau
Jamaican/Caribbean Coffee Rum
Calypso Coffee Tia-Maria
Highland Coffee Scotch Whisky
Swiss Coffee Kirsch

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